New year planning


Planning for the year ahead.


With  the start of another new year it is a good time to start planning ahead and think about what needs to be done to make your business more effective. Anticipating possible problems and having a strategy already in place to deal with the consequences will make life a lot easier. While it is not always possible to plan for all eventualities there are situations that  you hope will never arise but if they did you would cope with them more readily if you were prepared for them?


Contingency planning is one of the issues that most business's struggle with, mostly because you hope that the plan will never need to be used! And it is because of this that some managers look on contingency planning as a costly and needless exercise, after all when does the plan ever work as anticipated? You could almost use a 70/30% rule by saying that the overall effort needed to put planning in place far outweighs the benefits. But is this a wise move?


If you are willing to gamble on this and you are lucky enough to get away without having the appropriate plans in place then good on you! If, however, you get it wrong be prepared to invest a lot of time and money to recover from the situation.


Having workable recover strategies is nothing short of good business practice and without them you are failing as a manager because you are puttng your business, and possibly your clients, at risk. While there is a need to balance risk against cost this is where you need to use your skill and judgement as a manager when implementing an effective contingeny plan.


How can we help?


As a business we see the effect of poor or non-existent planning on a regular basis. We regularly provide support to retrieve a situation where an unforseen problem has arisen. We are therefore ideally placed to audit your existing plans or to help you implement a strategy that is best for your business. Use the email link at the top of the page to contact us and arrange a consultation.